Prysmian Powerlink Srl has been awarded a contract for the Shannon River Crossing project to provide electricity between Kilpadogge and Moneypoint across the opposite banks of the river and along an underwater route. 

The project involves supply installation and comissioning of a High Voltage Alternating Current (HVAC) 220 kV power cable double circuit connection, comprising of 21km submarine cable, i.e. seven (7) cables in total, including spare lengths and fiber optic connection, network components and commisioning services.

Assodivers was awarded the installation and protection of the seven submarine cables. Additionally, SoW included cable loading, transportartion to worksite, boulder clearance approx. 1,500m, cables landing at both sides and the simultaneous lay and burial of the cables.

The project was completed at beginning of 2016

Project Specifications

Shannon River Project

Prysmian Powerlink Srl
Cable Type:
HVAC Power Cable, 220kV 2500mm2 Cu XLPE
Cable Weight:
68 kg/m in air
Cable Diameter:
158.6 mm
Service Provided:
Installation and Protection
Laying Length:
22,700 m in total
Electricity Supply Board
Jetting Length & Burial Depth:
Simultaneous Lay and Burial 1,505m @ 3m DOC and 13,000m @ 2m DOC
Alternative Protection:
Cast Iron Shells Installation 1,100m
Shannon River, Moneypoint to Kilpadogge, Ireland
Max Water Depth: