Towards maximizing the usage of the existing resources and increasing the Gas production to fulfill the growing domestic needs, a new development project has been launched by Petrobel. The project is targeting the development of both the Denise and Karawan fields in Temsah Concession located at offshore Egypt in order to add a Natural Gas production of about 210 MMScfd, with an estimated cost of $ 470MM.

The Denise field is about 70km off the Egyptian coast, while Karawan field is about 60km off the Egyptian coast. The Denise field is in water depth of about 100m and Karawan field is about 68m in depth.

The Denise field exploitation mainly consists of three subsea wells, DNW1, DS6 and DN, and the Karawan field exploitation mainly consists of one subsea well, KA. Conveyance of subsea wells’ production will be achieved by the installation of a 16”/10” subsea pipeline system, as well as the installation of a subsea umbilical system connecting the facilities.

In the course of the abovementioned project, Micoperi awarded ASDG with a subcontract for the post laying and burial protection of the subsea umbilicals. The Main Umbilical, as well as the Infield Umbilicals were protected by our 'Venom 3k-600T'. The several crossings which were pre-identified along the project umbilical routes were protected by pre-lay and post-lay mattress installation, using 'AssoMat II'.

The first gas from the DEKA Project was announced on August 2014.



Project Specifications

Deka Development Project

Micoperi Srl
Cable Type:
Subsea in‐field umbilicals
Cable Weight:
35.46Kg/m, 34.84Kg/m & 27.77Kg/m
Cable Diameter:
140mm & 122mm
Service Provided:
Umbilicals Protection ‐ Mattress installation
Jetting Length & Burial Depth:
3,0871 @ 1.0m
Alternative Protection:
Mattresses: 775m
Offshore Nile Delta, Egypt
Max Water Depth: