Elefsina 03/12/2020: Asso.subsea Ltd, specialized installer in the submarine cable industry, announces the successful completion of the boulder removal campaign for the Krieger’s Flak offshore wind farm, located in the Baltic Sea in the most eastern part of Danish territorial waters.

Asso.subsea. secured this project in May 2020 with a contract awarded by Vattenfall, the world-leading renewable energy developer and operator.

This important project marks a significant milestone for Asso.subsea (ASSO), being the first project where the company has been involved as a main contractor with Vattenfall. As a one–stop shop service provider for offshore activities, ASSO has been responsible for the Boulder Clearance of 68 WTG installation locations for jacking operations and all related MBES & SSS surveys (approx. 3500 targets in total), offering wide expertise and extended ability to execute a complex and timely sensitive project, thanks to a fully integrated technical solution.

The boulder removal operations have been executed in two campaigns. For the first campaign in August, MSV Astrea was mobilized equipped with a chartered Tine Grab and Quasar ROV successfully completing her scope well ahead of the original schedule.

For the second campaign, one of ASSO’s state of art Trenching Support Vessels, the Aethra, equipped with ASSO’s Multi-functional Plough, AssoGrapple with a grabber and a clamshell as well as Orange Peel was mobilized in early October and performed the works within the predefined timeline. All operations have been performed under the supervision of a dedicated ASSO project management team for an overall period of five months.

“We have been very pleased to work with Asso.subsea for the DKF Boulder Mitigation Works of the Danish Kriegers Flak project” stated Oliver Schelper, Package Manager, Vattenfall. “The offshore works conducted by ASSO have been completed without any injuries, near misses or LTIs. ASSO did an excellent job offshore and onshore with a very positive spirit and at any time transparent and professional collaboration”, he added.

Over the past few years, ASSO has moved ahead with major investments, introducing new and upgraded assets, with multiple state-of-the-art vessels and a full range of cable protection equipment, and fundamentally growing its capacity and capabilities in order to face the challenges of the offshore wind market.

ASSO is particularly active in the entire Northern Sea region. The company has already successfully completed several projects such as Borwin 3, Dolwin 3, Veja Mate, COBRA cable, Kriegers Flak CGS, Deutsche Bucht, Global Tech 1, IFA2, SeaMade OWF Project.