Various Soil/Mechanical Trenchers

AssoTrencher V

'AssoTrencher V' – Basic design small and versatile with impressive track record.

ΑssoTrencher IV

'AssoTrencher IV' - Executes burial works in very hard soils, uneven territories and limited cable slack availability.

AssoTrencher VIII

'AssoTrencher VIII' – Executes burial works in mixed soil conditions with the ability to top load various cable configurations.


'AssoMultiTrencher' - Meets the requirements of excavating deep in soft seabed soils by means of trenching or jetting, overcoming seabed anomalies even at very shallow water depths.

AssoPlow MK II

'AssoPlow MK II' - Lightweight tracked jetting plow for simultaneous lay and burial operations. It has been designed to load flexible products diverless and has the ability to operate in semi-autonomous mode from the support vessel or barge.

Soft Soil Trenchers / Jetting Vehicles

AssoJet II

'AssoJet II' - Small and light tracked jetting vehcile capable of operating in very shallow water areas.

AssoJet III

'AssoJet III' - Currently under development

AssoJet IV

'AssoJet IV' - Capable to perform trenching operations on a variety of products including power cables, umbilicals and pipelines in varying soil conditions.


'Hydroplow' – Lightweight plow equipped with a powerful jetting system for simultaneous lay and burial operations up to 3m burial depth. It has been designed to load flexible products diverless.

Venom 3k-600T

'Venom 3k-600T' - A powerfull versatile work class ROV / Jetting vehicle upgraded from its original version with extra power and new control equipment.